George A. Barnett   

1291 Encina Drive

Millbrae, CA 94030, USA

650-504-5416 (mobile), georgeventures (skype), @gabthinking (twitter)

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Yale School of Management New Haven, Connecticut

Master’s in Business Administration.


University of Toronto Toronto, Canada

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science (Geophysics).



Experience: Strategy


2010-present gabthinking LLC (Silicon Valley, CA)

Founder & CEO


An independent thinktank and investment vehicle related to entrepreneurs and startups dedicated to digitising the world.


2010-present The ClearLake Group LLC (San Francisco)

Managing Partner


A boutique firm of senior consultants focused on new relationships between strategy and talent within corporations.  With offices in Asia and North America.


1996-2009 Monitor Group  CA (San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Monica) and Toronto, Canada



George was a senior US member of the Monitor Group, a leading professional services and investment firm. In San Francisco and Santa Monica, he was the lead partner for multiple accounts in the digital media, financial services, and life sciences industries. He is especially appreciated for his ability to lead cross-functional teams at varying levels of seniority, in order to solve complex issues. Of particular note are engagements related to corporate and competitive strategy, the evolving marketplace, operational efficiency, and technology assessments.


In Palo Alto, George led the analytical services arm of Monitor’s venture capital company (Monitor Ventures Partners Fund I), an early stage technology fund. With his team of science and engineering talent, he sourced new deal flow and conducted rapid due diligence for the fund, as well as provided ongoing strategic support to the portfolio companies. A natural networker, George is considered an industry expert in new technologies, particularly digital media and biotechnology, having worked with some of the largest companies in the US, Europe, and Asia.


1990 – 1996 Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs Ottawa, Canada

Foreign Service Officer


As Vice-Consul and Deputy Immigration Program Manager for the Canadian Consulate-General in Buffalo, New York, Mr. Barnett led a staff of 40 professionals, playing a key role in the automation, growth and design of Canada’s largest immigrant mission abroad.


In addition, Mr. Barnett represented Canada as a temporary duty officer to the United States at the Canadian Consulate-General in New York, to the Commonwealth of Jamaica at the Canadian High Commission in Kingston and to the Commonwealth of India at the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi.



Experience: Operations and Investments


2006-present Adynxx Inc. San Francisco, CA

Angel investor


Mr. Barnett is the initial investor, founding Board member and one of the driving forces behind Adynxx, a new biotech start-up in the chronic pain therapeutics space. The company is at the pre-clinical stage and recently raised its series A round of funding.


2007-2009 BlueGreenWorld Inc.   Millbrae, CA

CEO and Co-founder


Mr. Barnett co-founded the online media company, BlueGreenWorld, with partner Eric VanGestel, a serial entrepreneur in the greentech software space.  BlueGreenWorld provides a series of information services to environment health and safety (EHS) professionals.



2008-present TubeMogul Inc.Emeryville, CA

Angel investor


Mr. Barnett is one of the initial investors in a new start-up company in the web video advertising space.  His due diligence and investment recommendation encouraged at least one other experienced angel investor to participate in the funding round. The company is accruing new customers rapidly and recently secured its series B round of funding.